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Articles About Birth Injury Lawsuits And Childbirth Injury MedicineCerebral Palsy, Medical Malpractice and Hospital Negligence

Cerebral Palsy Causes – Hypoxia, Infection and Brain Damage

Cerebral Palsy Symptoms and Diagnosis

Erb’s Palsy Nerve Damage And Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injuries Can Be Caused By Hospital Negligence

Founded in 1958, The Beasley Firm has represented thousands of children injured by medical malpractice, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for those families in settlements and jury verdicts. If you suspect your child’s cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, or other disability may have been caused by your doctor’s or hospital’s negligence, contact the lawyers, doctors, and nurses on our birth injury legal team for a free and confidential consultation by filling out the online form below, by calling The Beasley Firm’s main line at (888) 823-5291, or by calling my office directly at (215) 931-2634.

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If your child has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or Erb’s Palsy and you suspect medical malpractice may have been the cause, please contact me using this online form below for a free, no-obligation review and consultation by our experienced nurses, doctors, and attorneys.

You can also read the birth injury section of The Beasley Firm’s Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog, or read the birth injury lawyers page at The Beasley Firm.

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