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If you want to know more about me, read this page. This page is about my work.

I’m a lawyer for people who have been seriously hurt by someone else’s negligence. I manage my own firm, Kennerly Loutey, for catastrophic injury cases, and I am of counsel with TorHoerman Law, a nationwide firm for people injured by medications and medical devices.

Most of my work involves clients with severe and permanent injuries, whether through medical malpractice, a dangerous drug or implant, a workplace injury, or an automobile accident. I’ve represented families who lost a loved one in botched surgeries and trucking accidents, people paralyzed by spinal injuries as the result of civil rights violations and dangerous premises, and children with cerebral palsy as a result of negligence by the hospital where they were delivered. I’ve won multi-million-dollar verdicts and I’ve settled cases for the same. Read below about some of my main practice areas.

For Serious Physical Injuries:

Some law firms work off of “volume,” where they handle hundreds of cases in dozens of different fields. I don’t. I keep my work focused, so that each case can get the attention it deserves, so my firm and I can make a real difference for someone who has been seriously hurt.

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