Calculated Risk is upset with the following survey conducted by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA):

"If you could have a free consultation session with an expert, which would you choose?"

Financial Advisor: 53%
Personal Trainer: 23%
Interior Designer: 9%
Fashion/Style Consultant: 6%
Don’t Know: 8%

Frankly, I don’t need a "financial advisor." I know about interest rates and tax deductions and 401(k)s, and I do a decent job of recording them in a spreadsheet. What else are they going to tell me? Stock picks? Three-quarters of brokers who fail to beat the market; I’ll use an ETF, thank you.

I’m also comfortable with my exercise… but my closets are a mess. Bring on the interior designer.

Think about it: are you offering services your potential & existing clients really want or need?