I like Amazon: it made books available on a far wider scale than anything since the Carnegie libraries. In case you’re not sufficiently geeky, Amazon released it’s e-book device, the Kindle (a name I like).

I’m not linking to it, though, because apparently it’s downright evil.

Though I would prefer native support for PDFs and the like, and I would prefer not to pay a subscription fee for the same blogs I can read on the Internet, I can see the legitimate business reasons for both, and I hope the free market comes up with new solutions that correct these deficiencies.

The terms of service, however, are not merely "bad" but are in fact "heinous." Amazon will monitor everything you read. Amazon reserves the unilateral right to edit what you have downloaded, without your knowledge or consent, and the unilateral right to revoke your access to it. That is on top of a total restriction on your ability to do anything with the content that you bought except read it directly on the Kindle for whatever fees Amazon chooses to charge, which Amazon may increase at its discretion.

Unacceptable and appalling from a company that has done so much to spread the joy of reading and to unlock the power of the internet.