From National Law Journal. Best I can tell these are all trial strategies, despite the article referring to the attorneys as "litigators." There also seems to be a bias towards business lawyers; even the criminal defense is business-oriented.

Nonetheless, worth a read, not least because there’s nothing new about any of them. It’s the same stuff you learn in any trial advocacy program, like:

  • humanize your client and get their story (not just their ‘position’ or ‘claim / defense’ in front of the jury)
  • give misleading witnesses enough rope to hang themselves
  • "I learned that lawyers better be straight with that jury. Don’t mislead ’em, don’t con ’em. Don’t be too slick. Don’t be slick at all."
  • have a single, simple, coherent theory of the case

They’re cliches and maxims for a reason: they work.