From How Appealing (who represented the winning plaintiffs on appeal):

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania summarily reverses lower court ruling which held that an insurer’s attempt to appoint guardian for minor plaintiff whose parents are refusing to accept the insurer’s settlement offer is not an abuse of process: On Thursday of last week, Pennsylvania’s highest court issued a summary reversal in a case captioned Cruz v. Princeton Insurance Co.

I of course mean "frivolous lawsuits" In the same way others use the term "malpractice lawsuits" or "personal injury lawsuits." That is, what the lawsuit is about.

The legal system truly is ripe with abuse. Every day, some party — frequently a large, wealthy corporation, like an insurance company — abuses another party, frequently a much weaker party.

Maybe by filing an unnecessary and untenable motion. Maybe by needlessly refusing to answer questions. Or, as here, attempting to terminate parental rights because the parents did not accept the insurance company’s lowball offer.

Outrageous. Outrageous!

Apparently not for the trial judge who who thought it would be impossible — impossible! — for the plaintiff to prove such was an abuse of process.

Fact is, we need more lawsuits like Cruz, more lawsuits to keep people from abusing the system and engaging in vicious personal assaults with absolutely no foundation in law or fact.