As deemed by the American Association for Justice (which, really, should have been renamed to The Justice League of America):

1.  Allstate

2.  Unum

3.  AIG

4.  State Farm

5.  Conseco

6.  Wellpoint

7.  Farmers

8.  United Health

9.  Torchmark

10.  Liberty Mutual

Lines up with this intriguing website, which also lists Allstate the worst and Chubb the best.

I’m inclined to agree. I’ve been very impressed by Chubb’s claims handling. I once had to interpret their "Masterpiece" policy to see if it covered a particular act which a jury could easily find was intentional (and, if proven, would have been criminal). Amazingly, it did, and without any weasely insurance-coverage language designed to tie up such a question in the courts for years.

I switched my own homeowner’s to it promptly.