A reminder: failure to pay general contractor / subcontractor disputes can get expensive, per 73 P.S. § 512:

§ 512.  Penalty and attorney fee

(a) PENALTY FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH ACT.– If arbitration or litigation is commenced to recover payment due under this act and it is determined that an owner, contractor or subcontractor has failed to comply with the payment terms of this act, the arbitrator or court shall award, in addition to all other damages due, a penalty equal to 1% per month of the amount that was wrongfully withheld. An amount shall not be deemed to have been wrongfully withheld to the extent it bears a reasonable relation to the value of any claim held in good faith by the owner, contractor or subcontractor against whom the contractor or subcontractor is seeking to recover payment.
(b) AWARD OF ATTORNEY FEE AND EXPENSES.– Notwithstanding any agreement to the contrary, the substantially prevailing party in any proceeding to recover any payment under this act shall be awarded a reasonable attorney fee in an amount to be determined by the court or arbitrator, together with expenses.

Prevailing defendants can recover attorneys’ fees, too. Zavatchen v. RHF Holdings, Inc., 2006 PA Super 240, 907 A.2d 607, 2006 Pa. Super. LEXIS 2221 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2006), appeal denied by 591 Pa. 685, 917 A.2d 315, 2007 Pa. LEXIS 345 (2007).