For those of you unfamiliar with LexBlog, who does the back office work for this site, every day they collect ten posts from their clients and post them on Kevin’s blog. I was fortunate enough to have a post selected for the 15th:

Can General Counsel can litigation costs?

Wait, what was that title?

Oh crud, it wasn’t their typo, it was mine. It’s now fixed.

As I’ve said before, I think it’s a waste — sometimes to the point of dishonesty if you’re billing hourly — to obsess over typos. They happen. The difference in time it takes to go from 99.9% appearance to 100% is seldom worth the effort, and it comes with costs. Just look at this quote by Stephen Cozen after the Second Circuit said his insurer clients couldn’t go after Saudi nationals for 9/11:

It just seems to be totally wrong to us to have a decision be made on who gets immunity and who does or does not get immunity, based not on law but because of political decisions made by the diplomatic corps.

Inartful, but it was better to get his point across before the reporter’s deadline than to mince words or prepare a statement.

That said, you really should pay attention where it counts. Like, you know, the title of the post. Oops. Just goes to show the value of proofreading either by setting down your work and coming back to it later, or by having someone else review it.

At least I didn’t mess up the title of my magazine, like so:

Parents Magazine April 2008