Hello Lawyerist readers! Apparently a recent post there referenced this blog as a Trial Practice Blog Worth Bookmarking. I’m honored.

The link at Lawyerist pointed to this category page, which hasn’t been directly updated since March 2011 because this blog is in the (very long) process of transitioning to new blogging software. That’s why there are way too many category pages on the right sidebar and why this category hasn’t been updated since March. There are plenty of posts since then, though, just click the Litigation & Trial logo at the top.

If you’re looking for law practice advice, you might want to check my Business of Law category, which has recent posts like Young Lawyer’s Guide To Legal Marketing (And Snark Mentoring). Or you can try skimming the old Trial category for posts geared more directly towards trial law.

You might also like some recent posts like Never Take A Judge’s Advice On How To Write A Brief and Panda Blogging Is The New Legal Treatise. Or posts like Young Lawyers: Be Careful Emulating Great Trial Lawyers and Always Draft Angry Briefs. Never File Them and Philosophy Explains How Legal Ethics Turn Lawyers Into Liars. There’s also some nuts and bolts of litigation posts like The Scary New World Of E-Discovery Artificial Intelligence In Big Lawsuits.