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I write this blog primarily for lawyers and others interested in the law. If you’re looking for a lawyer, start with my legal services page. The lawyers at my firm focus on catastrophic injuries, like medical malpractice or product liability, and lawsuits over prescription drug and medical implant side effects, including cases involving Mirena, diabetes drugs causing pancreatic cancer, antacids causing stomach cancer, food flavoring lung injuries, and recalled hernia mesh. You can call me at 215-948-2718 or email me at

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice
For more than a decade, I’ve represented victims of medical malpractice, including children who suffered preventable birth injuries and the families of loved ones who died from a failure to diagnose cancer or heart attacks. My main office is in Philadelphia, and so most of my malpractice work is in Philadelphia county. We also regularly represent patients in Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester counties. For certain times of cases, we extend our representation throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Product Liability Lawyers
I’ve handled lawsuits against major car manufacturers, drug companies, medical device companies, and manufacturers of sports equipment. Product liability cases are among the most challenging (and expensive) in the law, and we take many cases that other lawyers find to be too complex or too risky. We take them because we don’t see product liability cases as a path to easy money, we see them as a way to make products safer and to hold consumer product companies accountable.

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