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Cerebral Palsy and Infant Brain Damage Are Often Caused By Hospital Negligence In Untreated Fetal Distress and Hypoxia

Erb’s Palsy Nerve Damage And Shoulder Dystocia Birth Injuries Can Be Caused By Hospital Negligence

A medical malpractice lawsuit may be the only way a parent of a newborn who has suffered from a childbirth injury or hypoxic brain injury can afford the lifelong medical care and physical therapies needed after their infant suffered brain damage during labor and delivery.

Many parents whose infant or newborn had undiagnosed fetal distress and suffered a brain injury, brain stem injury, or other childbirth injuries are left struggling to understand what ever happened. Even when the doctor or hospital was at fault for failing to prevent the brain injury, patients will only be left with a confusion and misleading array of medical terms or diagnosis, with a focus entirely on the injury complications and not the cause of the childbirth trauma. No explanation, no apologies, no “I’m sorry”, and no help, just a stack of medical bills with threatening letters that they are going to be turned over to a collection agency if the bills are not paid.

Tort-reformers and insurance companies will sell you a different story, but they are the ones on the other end collecting these payments, not the ones that are getting the medical bills and phone calls everyday. It is the parents that are spending 24 hours a day to care for or pay for treatments to care for their child that suffered a childbirth trauma. The doctors, nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and insurance company employees are not the ones that are forced to sell their homes or take on additional jobs and overburden their family members to help pay for medical care for their birth injured baby.

You may read in the news about how many “frivolous” lawsuits there are, but the news fails to say how many of their writers, authors or commentators are dealing with a newborn brain trauma, a baby head injury, infant brain damage or a child with cerebral palsy caused by undiagnosed hypoxia. Before you think every lawsuit is frivolous, that obstetricians shouldn’t be responsible for medical negligence, or that we are a litigious society, talk to the parents of a baby that was brain injured during labor or birth. Talk to a family that has filed and succeeded in an infant brain damage malpractice lawsuit and ask them if they think it was “worth it.” Live in their shoes for just one day, taking care of an injured baby and later, a disabled toddler for 24 hours a day, each and every day.

Here at the Beasley birth injury and cerebral palsy law firm, we understand the physical, emotional and financial problems that a brain injured newborn with cerebral palsy caused by a childbirth injury places on a family, and we know how to investigate and to win an infant injury malpractice lawsuit. Our experienced Philadelphia birth injury nurses and attorneys offer a free, no-obligation and always confidential consultation at 215-948-2718. We are here to help. We can give you the answers you need.


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