Bait-and-switch schemes continue, with document forgery made easier than ever by rapid advances in the capabilities of personal computers, but fraud in the 21st century has moved far beyond promising more than a person actually delivers. Nationwide banks program their depositor systems to re-order transactions to force customers into overcharges. Major insurance companies have policies and procedures intentionally designed to thwart, through stalling tactics and wrongful denials, insured policyholders from recovering their rightful proceeds of critical policies like disability insurance and cancer insurance.

Unfortunately, the government has not stepped in to stop enough of these schemes. In many areas, corporations have lobbied elected officials to appoint, or citizens to vote for, judges with starkly anti-consumer views of the law. It is thus now harder than ever to prevail in a consumer fraud lawsuit, particularly a lawsuit against a financial institution like an investment advisor, stockbroker, or bank. I’ve written extensively about these problems on this blog, like in Preventing Investment Fraud, From New World Silver To Goldman Sachs, Alas, National Banks Have Virtually No Fiduciary Duties To Depositors And Are Almost Impossible To Sue, The New Wave Of Breach Of Fiduciary Duty Forum-Shopping By Corporate Boards of Directors, and Sheet Metal Workers v. GlaxoSmithKline: How To Use State Consumer Fraud Laws To Bring Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Class Actions.

I often receive calls that begin, “you’ll never believe how much fraud there is in this industry” from entrepreneurs who built their own businesses through shrew management but nonetheless fell prey to a scam. From franchises, to tax shelters, to unpaid overtime and wages, there’s unfortunately no shortage of ways to cheat someone out of an honest day’s pay. We fight for our clients to restore to them what they earned and what they deserve.

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