Access to justice isn’t just a concern for individuals, it’s a concern for businesses, too. Quality legal representation is expensive; the initial pleadings and briefs in a complex business-to-business case can run up six-figure legal fees. It’s common knowledge that nationwide antitrust class actions and high technology patent infringement cases can run up millions of dollars in costs and attorney fees, but, as I’ve written about on this blog, even a breach of fiduciary duty case can generate over $80 million in pre-trial legal fees. (All of the links on this page go to my articles.)

Much of this problem can be traced right back to lawyers: huge, so-called “Big Law” corporate law firms are structured to use leverage to squeeze maximum profit out of clients. Certain clients — most notably large, public corporations where the management is concerned more about covering their reputation than achieving the best value for the company — exacerbate the problem by still hiring firms that overcharge for litigation work. At the heart of it all is the billable hour, the least efficient means of paying for service known to man.

Contingent fee business lawyers are a rare bird. Many firms claim they do contingent fee work, but they usually do so only in limited circumstances like patent infringement. At The Beasley Firm, we view contingent fee work like venture capitalism, and believe there are opportunities out there for firms and businesses to come to an appropriate arrangement in which the firm and the business share the risk and reward of litigation.

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