On Sunday, the New York Times returned to third-party funding of lawsuits with “Investors Put Money on Lawsuits to Get Payouts:”

Large banks, hedge funds and private investors hungry for new and lucrative opportunities are bankrolling other people’s lawsuits, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into medical malpractice claims, divorce battles and class

Judicial supremacy made an unexpected comeback this week with Martin Feldman of the Eastern District of Louisiana, a "fair" and "terrifying" judge (who, for what it’s worth, dismissed one of my cases a few months ago — no hard feelings), granting an injunction against the Secretary of the Interior from enforcing the Obama administration’s moratorium

Did Halliburton improperly cement the drill hole at Deepwater Horizon? Did Transocean fail to activate the blowout preventer — or were the shear rams too weak to crimp pipes designed for deepwater drilling? Why didn’t BP have any contingency planning in place for a spill of this magnitude?

Whatever the cause, my hometown of Ocean Springs