At Concurring Opinions, The Truth about Multitasking:

I’ve been of two minds about multitasking for some time. But growing evidence is suggesting that the very concept is a myth:

Dr. Edward Hallowell, a Massachusetts-based psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and has written a book with the self-explanatory title CrazyBusy,

At Electronic Discovery Blog, "Employee’s motion to quash granted where employer cannot establish that employee had no expectation of privacy in using employer’s computer system:"

Requestor defendant employer subpoenaed third party producer to produce “all electronically stored information on all computers, laptops, PDA’s, portable media or other devices” between plaintiff employee’s husband and plaintiff

A tip of my hat to Judge McLaughlin of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for this footnote:

The URL for the "Fair Value for Dummies" article is:

Exhibit FP-35. According to the affidavit of Molly Bragg, Project Coordinator of the Internet Archive, Exhibit FP-34, a URL in

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