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Can Match.com Be Sued For Setting A Woman Up With A Murderer?

Read more about our sexual assault lawyers. On Friday, it was reported that a Nevada woman has sued Match.com for “failing to disclose dangers of online dating.”   Mary Kay Beckman’s experience was certainly traumatic: she alleges she met Wade Ridley through the site and dated him for a mere eight days. After a couple of harassing text messages, he disappeared for four months then surprised her in her garage, stabbing her repeatedly, stomping on her, and leaving her for dead. She has since had three brain surgeries, as well as “extensive psychological counseling, dental care to repair her jaw, ... Continue Reading


Can Jaycee Dugard Sue The Government For Negligent Parole Supervision?

Read more about our legal work for rape and molestation victims. I've written several times before how difficult it is to sue the government for failing to do its job, like how you can't sue the police department for failing to enforce a court order. It's tough to sue the government even when they wrongly entrap and then kill your son for the trivial 'crime' of sports betting. The government doesn't even need to train its prosecutors in the basics of constitutional law. "Civil rights" is a tough area in which to practice law, if you're representing the plaintiffs. There ... Continue Reading


Examining The Annie Le Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Yale University

As a Yale alum, I was shocked and horrified by the death of Annie Le, a Yale School of Medicine student murdered just a week before her own wedding. Like the Petit family murders, the crime was just a depraved act by a stranger, despite attempts by some to downplay it as a "crime of passion" or "workplace violence," as if any rape-murder were less evil if the perpetrator had delusions of attachment at the time of the crime or if they happened to be employed by the same company. She was targeted and it was murder; we know that from the ... Continue Reading