Even Thomas Jefferson joked about lawyers being paid by the word; for hundreds of years, we’ve been paid to work in words yet terrible at doing so effectively.

Sure, it’s not necessarily our fault — a lot of our work is awfully complicated, and we’re held to peculiar standards that often require we use specific

The almost-unbelievably amateurish nature of the recent Times Square "device" — so poorly designed and built it’s hard to call it a "bomb" — has prompted a new round of speculation as why well-organized, successful terrorist attacks aren’t more common.

Into the fray steps Bruce Schneier, the Internet’s favorite security commentator (and a distinguished cryptographer, too)

Following up on their own post a month ago, the dynamic defense duo at Drug & Device Law posted:

A couple of weeks ago, Herrmann noted in passing that, although many big firms now sponsor blogs, none of the ten firms with the highest profits per partner (that much-despised, but oft-cited metric) do. …


Since I don’t have access to President Obama’s "shortlist," I’ll rely on Intrade to tell me the most likely nominees for fill Justice David Souter’s seat on the Supreme Court.

Right now, five candidates break double-digit odds (links are to Wikipedia):