A question on LawGuru about attorney malpractice in eastern Pennsylvania:

I just found out a few months ago my lawyer died. I also found out he recieved money from a claim I have with workmans comp. My workmas comp went bankrupt. and is in recievership He recieved money June 20 2003 and cashed the check July 3 2003, I had no idea he recieved and cashed the check till his son ( who is also a lawyer) contacted me and said he would handle the case.
I found out about the check when reviewing the case with his son.
The son said his father didn’t keep good records and that was noway they could tell if he recieved, or if he sent me my part of the check.
I called the office in charge of releasing the funds and they sent me a copy of the cashed check and my name was forged on the check.
Is there anything I can do?

I answer:

… You should contact the Pennsylvania Lawyer’s Fund for Client Security. You can find their contact information at http://www.palawfund.com/

The Fund’s limit is $75,000.