At New York Attorney Malpractice Blog:

How Do You Forget to File a $19 Million Legal Malpractice Case?

Chicago Business Litigation Lawyer Blog reports that a huge class action legal malpractice case against DLA Piper Rudnick has been dismissed.  Plaintiff’s and defendants had entered into a tolling agreement that was amended and went on for several years.  This case was valued at over $ 19 million dollars.  After several amendments of the tolling agreement plaintiffs started the case, but the court determined that it was started a year too late!  Joyce v. DLA Piper Rudnick ended in dismissal.

The easiest and most common way to commit legal malpractice is to fail to file or fail to prosecute. Now the plaintiffs’ lawyers themselves are likely on the hook.

The easiest way I know of to avoid that is to create tickler and to-do systems. The moment something comes in, put it in the system. I just have to look at my calendar to know when I’m hitting a deadline, since I put it in the moment the motion, case, whatever came in.