It’s been impossible to avoid thinking about the Casey Anthony verdict, but I couldn’t bring myself to write an obligatory blog post about it, not least because there are already hundreds of law blog posts out there saying roughly the same thing.

So, instead, some interesting reading, only one of which is Casey Anthony-related:

  • Jack

One of the great weaknesses of the civil litigation process is its near-total reliance on language. The vast majority of civil lawsuits are resolved, either by being dismissed or settled, before any party or witness testifies before a judge or jury, a process which is largely dependent upon written filings, transcripts of testimony given outside

Looking for something to read?

J. D. Salinger’s Love and Squalor:

For this reader, the great achievement of Slawenski’s biography is its evocation of the horror of Salinger’s wartime experience. Despite Salinger’s reticence, Sla­wenski admirably retraces his movements and recreates the savage battles, the grueling marches and frozen bivouacs of Salinger’s war. It’s hard