The Supreme Court released its opinion in Bilski v. Kappos this morning, which tested the sufficiency of a "business method" patent relating to the hedging of risk in investments.

Four Justices wanted to scrap "business methods" patents altogether. Five wanted to scrap just the patent at issue here.

Given the complexity of the issues involved, I’m

Few enterprises generate as much frustration among their suppliers and consumers as the scientific publishing industry. The business model is so unfair it’s comical:

  • Governments, foundations, universities and private companies provide grants to researchers for scientific research;
  • Researchers spend weeks, months, and sometimes years drafting papers based upon the results of their research;
  • The papers

At Electronic Discovery Law:

Last month, the Seventh Circuit’s Electronic Discovery Pilot Program Committee released its report on phase one of its Electronic Discovery Pilot Program.  Initiated as a “multi-year, multi-phase process to develop, implement, evaluate, and improve pretrial litigation procedures that would provide fairness and justice to all parties while seeking to reduce

Via the WSJ Law Blog, Amy Kolz at The American Lawyer has a new article about the False Claims Act:

"[FCA cases] are a big gamble," says Piacentile’s counsel, former Boies, Schiller & Flexner partner David Stone of Stone & Magnanini, who cites cost-benefit analyses and good relationships with prosecutors as essential to his